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Assisted Suicide

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Dr. Paul Stull

Last fall, Attorney General John Ashcroft challenged the Death with Dignity Act using the Controlled Substances Act. A federal judge blocked enforcement of Ashcrofts order, and is expected to rule on it sometime this month. We talk with palliative care consultant, Dr. Paul Stull, of Astoria, Ore., who opposes physician-assisted suicide.


Oncologist Peter Rasmussen

Five years ago, Oregon voters passed into law the Death with Dignity Act, legalizing physician-assisted suicide. We talk with oncologist Peter Rasmussen of Salem, Ore., who has prescribed lethal doses of medication for dying patients.


A physician from Oregon

A retired Oregon physician who has prostate cancer. He has a lethal dose of drugs on hand to use if he chooses to. He wishes to remain anonymous.


Lonny Shavelson Discusses Assisted Suicide.

Lonny Shavelson writes about five people who were considering assisted suicide. His book A Chosen Death: The Dying Confront Assisted Suicide explores the agonizing dilemma that family and friends must face in deciding whether to assist. Shavelson argues in favor of legalized Physician-assisted suicide. Shavelson is a writer, photojournalist and emergency-room physician living in Berkeley, California. A Chosen Death is published by Simon and Shuster 1995.


New Issues in Medical Ethics

Biomedical ethicist Arthur Caplan. He discusses the right to die and the implications of doctor-assisted suicide -- specifically how Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been helping patients die. Caplan is Director of Biomedical Ethics and a professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Surgery at the University of Minnesota.


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